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World Class Tuition

Graeme Finneran

Head Professor and School Owner
Gracie Barra Warrington

Graeme is currently a First Degree Black Belt under Braulio Estima and Victor Estima. Graeme is the owner and head instructor of Gracie Barra Warrington, as well as being the Gracie Barra Regional Collaborator for the North of England.

Graeme is an ex Sergeant of the Elite Parachute Regiment and had served with the Parachute Regiment for 15 years within the British Army. He has acquired many skills over the years which have advanced his path into the martial arts industry.

Professor Graeme began training Brazilian JiuJitsu in 2007, he has competed all of the world and has won a multitude of military and civilian titles, including twice Army Martial Arts Champion 2014 and 2015, Inter-Services Champion 2015, The Public Services Champion 2015, The British Open Champion 2015 and IBJJF European Champion in Rome 2016 for Gi and NoGi BJJ.

And More recently as a Black Belt Professor Graeme won the IBJJF Budapest Gi and Nogi Gold, IBJJF Florence GI and Nogi Gold, Naga Dublin Expert- No Gi Champion and British GI and NoGi Titles. 

Graeme has been on multiple training camps in Thailand, Asia, including Tiger Muay thai and Phuket Top Team to build upon his striking, Muay Thai and MMA.

Professor Graeme is also a qualified Physical Training Instructor for over eleven years, he is an ABA Level two boxing coach, Certified Personal Trainer, Sports Conditioning Instructor, Strength and Conditioning Instructor, Circuit Training Instructor, Kettlebell Instructor and is a qualified Life Coach!

He continues to develop his passion for martial arts and developing it in others! The highest level of instruction can be found here! Both in Brazilian JiuJitsu both as a sport, a defence and as a competitor, as well as and Strength and Conditioning and Personal Fitness at Gracie Barra Warrington.

Paulo Camara Gomes

Gracie Barra Warrington

Professor Paulo is a Brazilian, 2nd degree black belt and an enthusiast of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

Paulo started training Jiu-Jitsu in 2001 at the age of 14 in his hometown Vila Velha. In 2004 he moved to Rio de Janeiro city and began training at Gracie Ipanema with professors Alexandre Cafe Dantas and Naborabner Guimaraes from whom, in November 2014, received his black belt.

In October 2020 he moved with his family to Liverpool, UK where he decided to dedicate more of his time to the art and philosophy of BJJ which he is passionate about it. Invited by Professor Graeme Finneran, he now joins the Gracie Barra Warrington professors’ team.

David Parr

Head Instructor
Gracie Barra Warrington

Dave started training at the start of 2017 and is now our Head Coach of Gracie Barra Warrington.

Dave Parr is a purple belt and an active competitor of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu competing all over the world. 

Dave is a martial arts and general fitness enthusiast, with CrossFit and Judo being other activities taking up most of his other spare time. Dave Parr teaches all ages, from our tiny and future champions to our Adult Jiujitsu All Grades.

George Hynes

Gracie Barra Warrington

George has been training Jiu Jitsu Gracie Barra Warrington from 2016 when we first opened our doors and has been part of our instructors team since 2017. 

George prides himself on his coaching and his incredible skill level help children and adults learn jiujitsu skills which will last a lifetime. Prior to beginning Jiujitsu at Gracie Barra Warrington he had trained other martial arts but in his words “I realised other martial arts did not teach you how to defend yourself if it ever went to the ground and Brazilian jiujitsu was the obvious solution”.

Richard Graham

Gracie Barra Warrington

Rich started jiu jitsu at Gracie Barra Warrington in 2016 when we first opened our doors. Is one of the instructors for adults and kids classes and an active competitor and has competed in the UK and abroad.

Richards goal is to share the development of jiujitsu and is inspired to keep training to be the best at jiu jitsu he can be.

Jack Dickinson

Gracie Barra Warrington

Jack Started training Jiu-Jitsu in 2016. Since then he has been a coach at our premium school Gracie Barra Warrington, he teaches both adults and kids in both fundamental and advanced techniques. He shared thath his passion is he enjoys helping others achieve their goals on their own jiu jitsu journey.

Jack thought about beginning Jiujitsu when told about it from friends, when he moved to Warrington he got a Gracie Barra Warrington leaflet through his door and thought ‘you’ve got no excuses now!’

Steve White

Gracie Barra Warrington

Steve begun submission wrestling in the early 2000’s before moving over to MMA, however shared with us he had always preferred the grappling element. 

Steve began Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in 2013 but has been with the team at Gracie Barra Warrington as one of our first members back in 2016. He shared with us this is when his journey really began and has gone on to develop his own style and game. 

Steve teaches our early morning Jiujitsu Flow Rolls, his preference is No gi jiu jitsu but as all martial artists goal may be he integrates as many grappling arts to his game.

Jamie Hignett

Gracie Barra Warrington

Jamie Hignett ex Royal Marine joined Gracie Barra Warrington September 2018. Now in his 40s he believes Gracie Barra Warrington allows him to continually push himself both mentally and physically. The ethos of this amazing martial arts sits central to my core beliefs and he shared with us that he only wished he had joined sooner. 

In true ‘jiu jitsu for everyone’ all of Jamie’s children train at the Academy and states his youngest will also get the opportunity to experience the amazing jujitsu family at Gracie Barra Warrington once he turns 4 years old.

Phillipa Henderson

Gracie Barra Warrington

Phillipa was introduced first introduced to Jiu Jitsu by her partner in 2017 as she was in search of a new sport.  Pippa shared she has always loved competing and being coached as opposed to working out, as she finds the normal gym environment boring. 

For her Jiujitsu is a perfect fit,  as it challenges your body and mind equally, hours of class can pass by in a flash when you are learning and having fun with a great team.

 In her late 30s Phillipa thanks Jiu Jitsu for her fitness being at its peak, her advice for anyone wanting to start is to show up, walking through the door for the first time is the hardest part, yet when you begin you too will wonder what took you so long and why you didn’t start sooner.

James Scott

Gracie Barra Warrington

James started his jiu jitsu journey in 2017 when he was introduced to jiujitsu out in Thailand training Muay Thai. He tried out an MMA class and shared with us he was amazed at the magic that is jiu jitsu. After a few years training in Bolton he moved to Warrington. And as he states; ‘as luck would have it I found and joined the best team in the UK with Gracie Barra Warrington’

James is also a fully qualified personal trainer, and teaches the Dropzone FItness Classes which help get you in shape which helps you progress your Jiu Jitsu journey. 

I also teach the striking classes alongside jiu jitsu classes and  provides 1 – 1 private coaching, in striking & self defence.

Paul Bettle

Gracie Barra Warrington

Paul begun jiu jitsu in August 2019, with his nephew, as a way of building his confidence and so he would have some form of Self Defence, but enjoyed it so much that it became an integral part of his own life. 

Jiu jitsu has given me more than I ever thought it could and connected me with some of the nicest people I’ve ever met. Paul is one of our incredible coaches for both our children’s and adults.

Peter Yates

Gracie Barra Warrington

Pete began Jiujitsu on back in 2018 as he shared with us he looking for a more realistic form of martial art than the one I was previously doing. He felt he instantly became obsessed with it and hasn’t looked back since!

When discussing what made him pursue his development in Jiujitsu -as it was something he had seen to be effective and wanted something that worked if he ever needed it to. He shared what he believes is one of the best things about Jiujitsu – it is that you never stop learning, there’s always something new, even in the positions you’ve done a thousand times! 

Zac Angel

Gracie Barra Warrington

Zac started his journey in martial arts over 12 years ago predominantly competing in Boxing, Muay Thai and MMA.

He took up Jiu Jitsu in 2018 at Gracie Barra Warrington and has soley been focusing on this ever since. 

Today, Zac is one of our coach’s working with both children and adults who are starting their jiu jitsu journey.


Benjamin Finneran

Junior Coach
Gracie Barra Warrington

Ben started jiu jitsu when he was just 4 years old, back in 2012.

He is the perfect example of how exposure to jiu jitsu from a young age leads to champion results! Ben has competed all around the world and has some incredible medals and belts on display at the school! Ben is the epitome of the Gracie Barra message of building up the team around you! When the school first opened Ben began to share his knowledge and love for jiu jitsu with our students, allowing him not only to pass on his talents but building the strong children’s jiu jitsu we have today, Ben teaches alongside father and Professor Graeme and our other incredible coaches.

Hannah Finneran

School Owner / Program Director
Gracie Barra Warrington

School Owner Hannah and the incredible reception team are here for any queries you may have, from memberships to uniforms, to more information about our classes and programs. The team here pride themselves on going above and beyond for our students and their families alike!

We are Gracie Barra

Gracie Barra Brazilian Jiujitsu is unlike any other martial art school, it is more than a sport, it is a Jiu-jitsu school, a team and an extended family. Gracie Barra Warrington will not only teach you a skill but develop your knowledge of Jiu Jitsu, we pride ourselves on the three main values- brotherhood, development and Integrity.

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Why Gracie Barra

Gracie Barra is a legacy of over 30 years, teaching the philosophy and methods of Carlos Gracie Jnr, we are a worldwide team, all following a similar path and curriculum, our Gracie Barra Warrington is passing that legacy down to you and your family, through our Professor and Instructors.

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